School Council

School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council supports the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.

School Council Membership

There are three types of membership on school council:
Parent members – parent members are elected for a two-year term in March of each year.
Department of Education and Training (DET) employee members – the principal is included as a DET staff member and has full voting rights.
Community members – this is optional and these positions are co-opted, rather than elected.

The Role of the College Council

The role of the College Council is outlined in the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. In essence, the role is one of setting the long term future for the school and maintaining oversight of the schools operation.

Our College Council – 2019

Our 2019 College Council is made up of the following councillors. A big, warm welcome to our new members!

Executive Officer President Vice Treasurer Parent Representatives DET Representatives Co-opted Members       Students            
Paul Frye
Beth Mellick Patrick Byrne Barry Sutton Dean Bridgefoot
Patrick Byrne
Rose DeMaria
Paul O’Connor
Brona Murray
Justin MarshallAngela Sutton

Paula Jenkins

Beth Mellick
Barry Sutton
Maria Angeloni
Emilia Vellacott
Cohen Saunders

 At the AGM 27/3/2019, CSC School Council congratulated newly elected representative Brona Murray and re-elected parent representatives Dean Bridgfoot and Rose DeMaria to Council. Our new DET reps are Justin Marshall and Angela Sutton and student representative Emilia Vellacott. Beth Mellick and Barry Sutton were re-elected as President and Treasurer and Patrick Byrne elected as Vice President. Thank you to our school community for participating in the 2019 election. Paul Frye

Areas of Responsibility

The School Council members operate in a number of portfolios. Newly elected Council members in 2016 have yet to be allocated a portfolio area.

Executive Officer Finance Support Groups/ Community Profile/
Building and Grounds Policy Strategic Direction
PrincipalPaul Frye Barry Sutton Beth Mellick Maria Angeloni
Rose DeMaria
Paula Jenkins
Dean Bridgefoot Beth Mellick
Paula Jenkins
Sub-committee formed
when needed

Parent and Community Representatives


Beth Mellick – President

I am a mother of three, a musician (lapsed or failed, not sure which one), writer of romantic comedy film reviews, birdwatcher, and passionate vegetarian! My partner and I moved to this area in 2003 to raise our family and we live on a beautiful bush block in Muckleford. After postgraduate studies in gender and film, I moved to the environment sector where I have spent all my working life, both in Australia and overseas. I am currently employed full time as Executive Director of a philanthropic trust that provides funds for projects on biodiversity conservation.

I am committed to the idea of equality in education, and am a great supporter of public education. I am the Coordinator of the CSC Music Support Group, member of the Drama Support Group, love going to the working bees to help around the grounds, and want to help make this College exceptional.


IMG_0845Barry Sutton – Treasurer

I started teaching chemistry and maths at Echuca High School in 1966, followed by seven high schools and a technical college, as well as a year teaching in Canada for professional development. After retiring as a secondary college principal, I undertook casual relief teaching at the Blakely Road campus.

I have been Treasurer on the Council since 2001, and have worked with a lot of Principals and business managers during this time. Working with the local community, as well as supporting students to increase their knowledge and choices has been my motivation for being involved on the Council. The quality of your life will dependent on the choices you make.


dean for CSC websiteDean Bridgfoot

I am a father of three boys. I was educated at Benalla High School back in the dark ages and studied Veterinary Science at Melbourne University in the very bad hair 80s, and then Environmental Science at Monash in the late 90s. My Scottish partner Carolyn and I moved to Castlemaine in 2001 and have been throwing ourselves into the great things the district offers for our family ever since. I am a practicing Vet at a local clinic and recent soccer tragic courtesy of my wife and kids.

I believe that public education is fundamental in forming an equitable, informed and democratic society and want to help our school be an even better place in helping our young people become responsible, contributing, creative citizens who are up for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Bio CSC Pic

Patrick Byrne

Dad of three daughters, Family Counsellor by trade and a proud member of this, our vibrant and artistic community.

I am a migrant to Australia, arriving from the United Kingdom in 1980. I studied in Bendigo and Townsville before completing my Mental Health Nursing qualifications in 1989. I travelled overseas for six years living in Scotland and India before coming back to Melbourne in 1997. I returned to live in Castlemaine until our house was built in 2001 and have been a Sutton Grange ‘North’ resident since then.

I have a bit of a past history of being a school Councillor and have always tried my best to help communication in the school community as well as promoting transparency and accountability. It is an honour to use what skills I have to serve the Castlemaine Secondary College Community into the future.

mariaMaria Angeloni

I am a mother of two sons who currently attend CSC, and a daughter still in primary school.  Am originally from California, first visited Australia in 1995, and then settled into Castlemaine in 2001.  My father has come over from LA, and also lives with me.  There must be something remarkable about our community that attracts folks from around the world.

As a self-professed nerd, I’ve been an IT professional my whole career.  Currently I am a ‘senior’ project manager and work in Melbourne.

I am currently serving my last term on the Castlemaine Primary School council, and have been proud to support our school in many initiatives and improvements these past several years.  I look forward to being on CSC Council, and supporting the College’s future educational capabilities and growth.


Picture1Rose Demaria

Thank you for electing me as your parent representative on council…My aim is to develop heart, trust and vision in our school community, with a primary focus on better communication and affirming our right to a great LOCAL education! Brett and I first came to live in this region just over 13 years ago, and have spent the last 9 years in Newstead. I really appreciate being apart of Newstead, it’s a great community with wonderful people. I first fell in love with the Castlemaine region through weekend trips from Melbourne to catch the monthly Art film screenings run by Johnny Flaus at the back of Saffs Cafe. Castlemaine looked very different back then! Just imagine what’s to come!

 Many moons ago I considered myself a writer.. working extensively in print media, editing and reviewing, but in raising my family, I began to shift my focus to Education, specifically Nature Education. I later formed an Early Years curriculum for Bush Kindergarden in the region. I continue to be an advocate in this area. My strengths are in community engagement and I have spent much time working to support children and women in detention and our local refugee community through a Community Play-Scape Venture to help children with trauma.

 I love working with people to develop a greater sense of community. Every one of us adds a unique thread & colour to its tapestry.

 Please come & introduce yourself. I welcome your feedback.