Steiner Stream

‘It is essential that we develop an art of education which will lead us out of the social chaos into which we have fallen’.   Rudolf Steiner

Castlemaine Secondary College runs an outstanding Steiner Program at Years 9 and 10 that fits comfortably within the AusVels guidelines and arises out of the educational principles and practices developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. For enrolment enquiries please contact the office on 5479 1111.

The Curriculum

There are a number of key features of Steiner education underpinned by careful observation and understanding of the developmental stages of children and tailoring curriculum to these stages.

The curriculum is dynamic and living and is drawn out of the knowledge, personalities and interests of the students within the age-specific context. Because adolescence can be a confusing time for students as they begin to doubt many of the old things they were sure about, the curriculum is designed to reassure them about the world and their place in it.

The Main Lesson

The Main Lesson is the cornerstone of the Steiner program. It is conducted during the first period(s) of each day. In Main Lesson, students study topics in depth for three weeks, the topics are of particular relevance for the developmental stage of the students, and are designed to maximise student engagement. In Class 9, the students develop a capacity for logical thinking and a free independent judgment awakens. The Main Lessons are focused on matters pertinent to this intellectual development. In years 9 and 10 Main lessons alternate between two teachers, one a Maths and Science expert and the other an English and Humanities expert.

Regular Lessons

As well as Main Lessons students also have additional classes in:

  • Maths
  • Science
  • English
  • French
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Art and Craft
  • P.E /Outdoor Education
  • Projects including Farming

Camps and Excursions

We undertake at least one camp per term; these include outdoor education camps that incorporate bushwalking, rock-climbing and canoeing as well as an Art Camp usually to a capital city. Year 9 students participate in a Farming Camp and Year 10 students have a week in Melbourne with the World Of Work Program, in addition to a week of work experience. We seek to practically apply the learning wherever possible and excursions are an integral part of our program. Day excursions include such things as geology field trips, farming field days and gallery visits locally and in Melbourne.

Engagement and Wellbeing

Because adolescence can be a confusing time for students we place a strong emphasis on student well-being and engagement. We put much care into developing positive relationships between students and teachers. Students are together for all classes and a strong and supportive bond develops between the students that is significant in the otherwise lonely years of adolescence.

We also work in partnership with families to support each student.

Class Meetings

A strong relationship between parents and the school is fostered.  We have regular class meetings with parents where we discuss how, why and what we are doing. We also encourage active parent participation in a wide range of school activities.