The Arts Team are pleased to announce that we once again are in partnership with international and nationally renowned artists in production of a new works for the 2017 Castlemaine State Festival. We began our partnership with the Festival back in 2011, when 300 students contributed to a collaborative installation with Contemporary Indonesian artist Heri Dono.  In 2013 more than 350 students worked on the development of a functioning Roller Coaster in partnership with Time Circus (Belgium) and local manufacturer Vossloh Gogifer. At the 2015 State Festival students were an integral part of the opening night concert. Stay tuned for the 2017 happenings.

Back at school we are proud to say all our art classes are continuing our partnerships with local artists.  In recent years CSC has developed a program inviting a diversity of practitioners to provide workshops and inspirations for students of all year levels. This is proving invaluable to student learning and outcomes as we have such diversity of practitioners in the Castlemaine community.